Erik Mayo
Managing Partner and CIO 
Erik Mayo has fifteen years of experience in emerging market investment management. Prior to his position at Terra Incognita, Mr. Mayo served as a Founding Partner and Co-Portfolio Manager at investment firm Fintan Partners. Responsible for allocation decisions and investment monitoring, at Fintan Mr. Mayo was responsible for investing in Asia (China, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Philippines), Latin America (Brazil, Colombia) and Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Turkey). These investments included distressed debt, structured credit, consumer non-performing loan collection, growth capital financing, receivables factoring, event- driven equity and credit, and private equity.

Mr. Mayo holds a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of Business, with a concentration in Finance and Management Information Systems.

Jennifer Calma
Director of Finance
10+ years of experience with accounting and credit structuring experience, and over 30 years of investment management experience. Previously, Jennifer was Director of Finance and Operations at Tri-Ring Capital which focused on behavioral finance. Before Tri-Ring Jennifer was Senior Vice-President at XE Capital Management focusing on accounting and operations for onshore and offshore private equity and hedge funds in emerging and developed economies. Prior to XE Capital Jennifer was Director of Finance and Operations and Chief Compliance
Officer at Cobra management. While at Cobra, Jennifer focused on developing operational policies and procedures, fund registration with the SEC and NFA along with regulatory and compliance filings. Prior to Cobra, Jennifer was a Controller at Deephaven Capital management. Other experiences include being an accountant at Kesler Asher and RAS Trading. Jennifer holds a B.S degree in Accounting from Depaul University.
Nishu Trivedi
Has 10 years of loan and credit structuring experience in private and public markets and 20 years of investment management experience. Previously, Nishu worked at GLG Partners where he focused on US and global emerging market investments, specializing in small and medium size companies. While at GLG Nishu was involved in due diligence, portfolio construction, risk management, fund structuring, trading and operations. Before GLG Partners, Nishu was a Vice-President at Epoch Investment Partners focusing on global equities, fixed income and foreign exchange. Prior to Epoch, Nishu was a Vice President at Deephaven Capital Management in global macro, convertible bonds, and volatility. Nishu also worked at Cobra Management trading convertible bonds. Nishu holds a B.S. degree in both Biology and Chemistry from Wilkes University, and a Masters degree in Biology from Harvard University.